Exterior Wood & Deck Staining

Weather is brutal on exterior wood surfaces. It’s not uncommon for decks fences and railing to turn gray from wet weather and sunlight. Mold and mildew make the wood dirty and damage it.

Power washing cleans the surface, temporarily making the wood appear new again. You want that finish to stay clean and new-looking so you can apply and maintain a finish.

Our technicians use the latest products with the most negligible impact on the environment. We will properly clean the wood, restore its natural look, and protect it with the right exterior products.


Staining and refinishing
Complete stripping of old paint or staining products
Wood siding
Decks and rails
Doors and windows
Wood sealers
Cleaning and repairing the surface- Striping old paint or stain- Staining and Refinishing- Wood Decks- Doors- Windows

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