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Customer Testimonial:

To whom it may concern:
I am writing to personally recommend and attest to the professional capabilities of Ricardo (Rick) Vidallon as a high-quality, licensed painting contractor. I purchased an 11-year-old – custom home. Upon closing, we decided to repaint most of the interior and the entire exterior of this property.

We chose Rick after discussions with several competing contractors, as he seemed most knowledgeable and detailed in how he was able to describe the breadth of painting processes he would employ.

Rick’s care and attention to detail were fully demonstrated by the time he completed our Master Suite. His preparation included full taping and coverage of woodwork, windows, flooring, etc. Further, there was not a single run or streak in any of his work, including more than seven interior rooms and ceilings.

In addition, Rick and his team updated our kitchen and dining room by spraying the cabinets, table, and bench with oil-soluble materials – making them look state of the art, with blemish-free and durable finishes. This preparation to contain any overspray was superior to any historical comparisons.

Given the quality and detail – demonstrated on the interior projects, we subsequently decided to have the exterior repainted.

Again, the care to ensure that surfaces were thoroughly cleaned…via power washing (where permissible) as well as sanding and cleaning, have been the best I have witnessed throughout owning ten different homes (I have yet to see any paint that has gotten onto a downspout, gutter, window or door vs. the intended paint surface).

Rick prides himself on delivering top-quality work to a client, and I would gladly recommend Rick and his capabilities in an industry that sometimes focuses on speed vs. quality!

Brian Nailor